Surveillance Video

Legion Protection Agency offers a service preview video objects entrusted to us over the Internet. The image of the object is received at the Centre Monitoring clock observed by the operator on duty. This is a remote, external monitoring of CCTV systems, working 24-hour, on-line support action permanent and ad hoc physical protection. It is possible to access for customers through the Internet network to desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Remote video monitoring is reliable and safe, yet inexpensive way to protect industrial, commercial, service, government institutions, private enterprises, construction sites, all kinds of warehouses and storage facilities, petrol stations, parks, parking lots, farms, fisheries, forestry and residential areas. In areas covered by the cameras followed by radical reduction of seizures, hooligan antics, theft, destruction of property.

We offer an available on preferential terms urban monitoring. It is not just a tool of inquiry, but in the case of settlement of issues related offenses and criminal offenses may also be helpful in providing sporting and cultural events, especially those organized on a larger scale. Video surveillance is often helpful in need of a quick assessment of the situation, which greatly facilitates the work of Police and Municipal.