Physical Security

Legion Protection Agency Agency provides services for the protection of persons and properties, qualified protection of agents who have the expertise, experience and equipment needed to perform the job.

Protection of persons are intended to ensure the safety of life, health and physical integrity of our clients and the protection of property is to prevent crimes and offenses against property, as well as preventing the formation of the damage resulting from these events and do not release for unauthorized access to a protected area. Undertake physical protection in all objects, regardless of their size, location or nature. We protect more than 2,000 objects, including private homes, shops, shopping malls, banks, courts, other state offices and many private companies.

Legion Protection Agency currently employs over 60 employees in respect of whom are the provision of services to protect people and property. Implementation of all the challenges related to the protection of persons and property are taken into account any applicable law, respecting the interests of the customer and maintaining highly valued by our ethics and professional art.