Monitoring of vehiclestrackz

Offered Protection Agency Legion vehicle tracking system is based on GPS technology – GPRS. The offer is addressed to a wide range of customers, users and service vehicles, private as well as companies with technical vehicles of all kinds.

Installation of vehicle monitoring device provides many opportunities to increase significantly affecting performance. The vehicle is fitted device that enables full control in real time. It is possible to accurately locate vehicle, staking can be overcome routes, locations of stops and their length, indicating the speed at which the vehicle is moving. An important aspect is the ability to locate and immobilize the vehicle in case of theft and immediate notification of appropriate services. With the additional power it is possible to operate the device even after the battery is disconnected. Use of vehicle monitoring system significantly reduces the cost of ownership, increases worker’s safety and efficiency of its work.

An important advantage of vehicle tracking systems is the possibility of installing additional devices:

Fuel sensor
Switch to change mode (eg. driving Uniforms – Private used for sales representatives) card readers allow the identification of the driver, his working time, number of kilometers.