Intervention patrols

Patrols intervention is one of the basic pillars of the system of monitoring. Employees’ patrols are equipped with modern communication system of Monitoring Centre Protection Legion Agency. Alarm is triggered by sensors or by using the panic buttons protected object which will immediately send information to the monitoring center. Duty Centre operates in accordance with established safety procedures and immediately starts the intervention groups to quickly reach the scene. The monitoring center operates around the clock, responsive and reliable performance of services consists in the speed and efficiency of the intervention patrols. Intervention groups are equipped with specialized equipment necessary for the proper implementation of the service and all the time the shares are in constant communication with the duty alarm monitoring station to inform about the current situation in the protected facility. Duty Monitoring Center announces the meantime, the incident the owner of an object or a person assigned to a contact.

We attach great importance to the proper selection and training of security personnel, our priority is always to take rapid and effective intervention. We care primarily about a sense of security for our customers. All employees are highly skilled, physically fit, and able to quickly make the right decisions.